Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Fell Off A Galloping Horse On A Mexican Beach And...

  • Fernando said the best moment of the day was seeing me get up and climb back on. He was terrified that I had been seriously hurt or killed. He also had a shot of tequila waiting for me at the bar after I gimped back from the stables; that was hilarious and much appreciated;
  • All the staff members and fellow guests at our hotel offered me medicine and sympathy, and enjoyed hearing the story, properly expressing thrilled shock and admiration, which was almost better than the medicine and sympathy;
  • Since I bruised my tailbone area pretty badly, I'm still gimping around like the hunchback of Notre Dame (actually, it's more of a waddle than a gimp) and people on the rush hour subway are literally leaping to their feet to let me sit down when they see me coming (instead of pointing and laughing);
  • And best of all, I have experienced the unfailing kindness, solicitous care, shouldering of burdens, massages, handholding, and refusal to hate me when I'm whiny, of my wonderful best friend and life partner in the last week.


Blogger Mark Wright said...

Joan, I think you forgot to mention this incident when last we talked, and at the risk of being sarcastic on a website dedicated to kindness and generosity, perhaps you should just avoid Mexican horses altogether.

4:29 AM  
Blogger Joan Q said...

indeed, my friend... and i should also become more graceful, more punctual, more organized and tidy, and get more sleep, and i should probably floss more often too.

Oh well. :0)

9:18 AM  

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