Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Cup of Joe

Here is a post from my friend Rebecca:

Brian, Chris and I went to Central park after work for a picnic dinner. I didn't want to carry my full back pack (with my office laptop) etc, so I took out the essentials--my wallet and phone--and put them in Brian's bag. We had a great time, came home, and got ready for the following day.

This morning I left the house, making sure I packed my lunch, vitamins, etc. It is my normal routine to stop into Starbucks for a medium drip coffee. The store was empty, and I have been going there for MONTHS, so I got a nice "Good Morning" from the staff, along with a gentle ribbing about what I was going to order (since I order the SAME medium drip EVERY day). I went into my back pack, and no wallet! Realizing what I had done, I told them I didn't have my wallet, that I left it in my husband's bag, and that there'd be no coffee for me this morning, apologized and walked away from the counter. On my way to the door, I got out my office keys. I then heard miss......miss, so I turned around. The guys gave me my cup of coffee. Not a small, but the usual medium that I order. I was so surprised and grateful. Completely made my day! They are just awesome. I can't wait to sing their praises to management.