Monday, March 20, 2006

The First Party In Our New Apartment

On St. Patrick's Day, we invited several of our best friends to come over and have corned beef and cabbage with us. One reason for the party was so we could get our asses in gear and really unpack and finish our awesome new pad (which we did - hooray!) The main reason, though, is that we wanted to entertain, and be with our people, and christen our apartment properly.

Eight wonderful people showed up, bursting with good cheer and itching to celebrate. It's been a stressful winter for all of us and for the last few months we've all been sort of hibernating. It was an amazing and exhilarating experience to celebrate St. Patrick, good food and drink, our new place and our engagement, music, laughter, and especially the incredible, deep, sustaining friendships which bless our lives so much.

The indomitable and peerless Kitty drove all the way from Boston to attend, and our beloved, peripatetic Kiwi Paul took a Greyhound from Pennsylvania where he is fortuitously working for the month (the only good thing about Allentown being, it is only 90 minutes from NYC!)

We all ate and drank and laughed and whooped it up till the wee hours. The next morning, many of the guests regrouped in my kitchen while I did the Mount Everest of dishes, arriving with a box of coffee and delicious breakfast sandwiches from our favorite deli. Paul fixed my clock, the overhead light above my stove, and the broken handle on my cupboard, and took my son to the park. Brian washed the silverware, which he knows I hate to do. Rebecca carefully cleaned up broken glass (don't ask) so that my bare feet would be safe. Everyone laughed and chatted and told stories and made it a wonderful morning. It was a complete delight from beginning to end.

I am so grateful for the amazing friends in my life. There is no substitute for the warmth, acceptance, joy and comfort that they provide. It's a true privilege to be part of this big community of loving, interesting, intelligent, funny, kind human beings. To the people I love who are reading this (you know who you are): thank you. You have made my life wonderful.


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